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bitches gotta eat.

I can’t ever read this in the office again and keep my job. Genius. bitches gotta eat.


I just shared a link to this place with the other half of that great thing I alluded to below. Blogging and dating. Smart? Stupid? Scary.

…that you’re torn between shouting it from the rooftops, and keeping mum so as not to jinx yourself? *stupid grin*

A month, really. July tried it’s damnedest to beat me into a submissive pulp. My part-time job (which was in fact almost full-time, though not quite) was insanely busy. I applied and interviewed for other jobs, and then those jobs required complete projects as follow-ups to the interviews and prerequisites to additional interviews. I met […]

Blogging sucks.

Not really, but after years of openly sharing every little nuance of my life, I really enjoy spaces where I can share in small spurts, in controlled environments. Taking a year off, certainly one in which several competing social networks crossed critical mass points, changed the way I think about this space. I probably won’t […]