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So NIN has announced what will probably the final NIN tour, and Uncle Trent is bringing Jane’s Addiction along for the ride. Yay. But Faith No More is regrouping and touring this year, too. (h/t KDC! I would not have known had you not sqeeeeed from the rooftops.) Granted, they’re only touring Europe, but still. […]


Whaaaaat? To take a moment to be fangirly and all “damn you, industry wonks!” whaaaaaaaat? NIN is no longer going to tour shows of the current scale? No Bluray DVD?! (Who am I kidding? I don’t even have a DVD player of the shitacular plebian variety.) I JUST got to see him live and now […]

I’m still in the thick of a NIN haze, so I’ve spent the last few days doing what any obsessive fan would to prolong the experience: I’ve been Googling, YouTubing and Wikiing the hell out of anything vaguely NIN related. As is wont to happen, these little digital excursions have led me halfway around the […]

I’m off to see the Wizard!

The wonder wizard of AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHHS! Also, Happy Birthday, M!

I sit here, watching the projections lean Obama, and I- ZOMG MCCAIN IS CONCEDING HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMANIA!