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I need to make my fortune in the next 12 months so I can get on the UK property ladder. I mean, the tanking of the Brit economy is horrible. But if it means I can actually maybe afford a Kilburn flat at the ripe old age of 32, then, kids, Sid’s got a series […]

My little box is almost completely furnished. In order of importance, I lack only a kitchen island or baker’s rack for additional preparation space, a bed frame, and some sort of housing for adult refreshments. I’ve been considering alternatives to a store-bought headboard or frame for the bed: salvaged mantel, folding screen, extravagantly framed giclee […]

I started this post weeks ago, actually, and never got around to finishing it. I do that a lot these days. I may finally be over this whole blog thing, it seems. But I wanted to finish it, so I have, more or less. *shrugs* My mornings these days are simple. I wake, roll directly […]

More Etsy love.

If I had a spare grand, here’s how I’d spend it: 1. On this figure by loopyboopy. Chuck would be very happy atop a stack of books in my “library.” 2. More Moschell watercolors! This was named Birdie something last time I saw it online, but unframed, it’s less than half what one of his […]

I’d expected my apartment search here to be akin to that in New York: shady landlords, dodgy rental agents, barely affordable rents for practically unlivable closets in undesirable neighborhoods. I started casing the online listings in December, planning for a March 1 move. I tightened the purse strings (sort of), anticipating an application process that […]