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Oof. Four days into the new year and it’s already kicking my ass. I need a time out. I’ve been thinking long and hard about what steps to take next in my life. At the moment, I seem to be in a frustrating holding pattern, circling just over what it should be–job, apartment, school, whatever. […]

Lisa Raye is First Lady of Turks and Caicos. Am I late to the game? Yes. Do I give a damn? Nope. I hereby raise a big, frosty tankard of haterale–like haterade, but stronger: 1. Lisa Raye…beautiful, but So. Damn. Country. That isn’t inherently wrong, but I mean, what kind of nation is led by […]

I was going to hit the TJ Maxx or Bed, Bath and Beyond for cheapie pans and what have you, but I headed for the bowels of Tribeca instead. Why pretty up your digs when you can hit sample sales? Discount TJX co. Calphalon is forever, but 80 percent markdown off retail is fleeting. So […]