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The Marshalls in Kalamazoo has so much more going for it than the ones in Chicago. Gorgeous HOBO carryalls under $100? Why, yes, yes they’ve got those, in two different styles and colors, and if you want to throw in another $20, you could get even more baggy bang. I skipped the bags because frankly, […]

I need to make my fortune in the next 12 months so I can get on the UK property ladder. I mean, the tanking of the Brit economy is horrible. But if it means I can actually maybe afford a Kilburn flat at the ripe old age of 32, then, kids, Sid’s got a series […]

I started this post weeks ago, actually, and never got around to finishing it. I do that a lot these days. I may finally be over this whole blog thing, it seems. But I wanted to finish it, so I have, more or less. *shrugs* My mornings these days are simple. I wake, roll directly […]

‘Tis the season.

At some point in the next few days, I’ll compose a long, navel-gazing post about Thanksgiving and the wonderful people I’m lucky to have in my life, I’m sure. This post, however, is about the other parts of the season: getting fat and spending monies! First of all, being the selfless bitch that I am, […]

Ho Ho *hic* Ho, my *hic* lovelies!

No work today or tomorrow. Nope. I’m CHRISTMAS SHOPPING. Generally, I hate Christmas shopping. I never know what to get, and who qualifies for gifties, and who should just get a card, and if I do get something good I want to keep it so I end up keeping it for myself or if I […]