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Who approved this steaming pile? ETA: You know, I watched this once more to compare to the American version and it’s pissing me off all over again. Within about 25 seconds, this vid manages to present the black woman with an Afro as the owner of an unmanageable “bush,” followed by “sassy” wink, an Asian […]

The Marshalls in Kalamazoo has so much more going for it than the ones in Chicago. Gorgeous HOBO carryalls under $100? Why, yes, yes they’ve got those, in two different styles and colors, and if you want to throw in another $20, you could get even more baggy bang. I skipped the bags because frankly, […]

I actually have managed to uphold my bargain with myself regarding personal upkeep! I know I’m only four days in, but trust me. I’ve broken more vows in the first 48 hours than after 72. I’m in it to win it! Monday: I did not eat an entire giant slice of cake at The Palm… […]

A return to vanity.

Honestly, I’ve lost myself a bit lately. Whether it’s the cat-induced sleep deprivation or just a prolonged bout of don’tgiveadamn, I’m in an appearance rut. I desperately need a haircut. I haven’t seen the inside of a salon since the day after Thanksgiving 2007. Something is going on back there, but most days the hair […]

My Best Friend’s Wedding

The second half of my East-side adventure. BFF’s wedding. Cue sap. For all the smack I talk on this blog, about life’s petty inconveniences, minor obstacles, impending poverty and the closetular doom that entails, you should know that I believe in good fortune, in the power of love, in the evidence of goodness and grace, […]