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Beefcake and bitchery.

I just saw Transporter 3 with K, and let me tell you, our friend Luc has the formula for these films down to a science: Car chase in the first 10 minutes? Check. Jason topless in the first 30? Check, plus a bonus look at the stems. The top matches the bottom, I assure you. […]

Man, I want a sandwich.

This one. That is all.

On celebrity mating rituals.

Regarding Ryan Reynolds and his selfish misuse of his masculine splendor, Mary said “Am I the only one mad at RR for dating a 22 y/o? Anyone? Anyone? Oh well, I will sit alone with my age-ism since there’s no men left for me anyway! hmph!” Aside from the fact that Mary, you don’t get […]

Dear Ryan Reynolds,

I see you’ve been honing those acting chops lately. You’ve gone from Van Wilder and Blade to The Nines and…well. You know, something else respectable will come along, I’m sure. I’d like to reward your efforts with a little proposition, kid, a part that will really stretch those thespian muscles. Picture it: Chicago…limited engagement…. You […]

I mean, I want to see Transformers, but do I want to pay actual money to see it? And given the alternative to paying money, is it worth it? What, exactly, qualifies as a test drive? Can I sit on it, tool around the parking lot, and then say, “Oh, this was great but suddenly […]