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Protected: On the proving grounds.*

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Who approved this steaming pile? ETA: You know, I watched this once more to compare to the American version and it’s pissing me off all over again. Within about 25 seconds, this vid manages to present the black woman with an Afro as the owner of an unmanageable “bush,” followed by “sassy” wink, an Asian […]

I just learned, via the Internet, that my assclown father has another child, which means I have another sibling. A 10-year-old sibling. Now, this doesn’t surprise me, terribly. There’s a line in Fight Club, when Tyler Durden discusses the fact that every five or six years his father would divorce and start a new family. […]

From the “WHO IN THE HOLY ROLLING MOTHERFUCK APPROVED THIS?!?!” files comes a new steaming pile: AbFab: America I don’t know exactly who is responsible for this, but rest assured: I will find you, asshole, and I will tear you a new one. You want the wonder that is AbFab to reach this side of […]

So I was over at Toldja’s blog catching up and I caught this post about that craptastic Renee Zellweger vehicle New in Town. Essentially, New in Town was originally written by a black screenwriter, about a successful black businesswoman who moves to a small town and finds herself the only black person there. But! Things […]