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I just learned, via the Internet, that my assclown father has another child, which means I have another sibling. A 10-year-old sibling.
Now, this doesn’t surprise me, terribly. There’s a line in Fight Club, when Tyler Durden discusses the fact that every five or six years his father would divorce and start a new family. He […]

From the “WHO IN THE HOLY ROLLING MOTHERFUCK APPROVED THIS?!?!” files comes a new steaming pile:
AbFab: America
I don’t know exactly who is responsible for this, but rest assured: I will find you, asshole, and I will tear you a new one.
You want the wonder that is AbFab to reach this side of the Atlantic? […]

So I was over at Toldja’s blog catching up and I caught this post about that craptastic Renee Zellweger vehicle New in Town.
Essentially, New in Town was originally written by a black screenwriter, about a successful black businesswoman who moves to a small town and finds herself the only black person there. But! Things work […]

Look, I’m famous!

In that faceless, nameless statistic sort of way.
So here I am. I’m not happy. I worked with a truly wonderful group of people, the kinds of folks who, even when you came into work in a shitty mood, could turn it around in minutes thanks to some well placed wisecracks, family stories, or shocking use […]

Protected: On different sides of a great divide.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


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