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I’m still in the thick of a NIN haze, so I’ve spent the last few days doing what any obsessive fan would to prolong the experience: I’ve been Googling, YouTubing and Wikiing the hell out of anything vaguely NIN related. As is wont to happen, these little digital excursions have led me halfway around the […]

Countdown to Eddie.

Yeah, it’s almost time. Friday night I have a date with Ed-stiny. I am once again so excited I could almost peeeeeee myself with hot, wet, ammoniac…excitement. Four day work week! Personal days FTW! Not related: I’m really glad I opted to take Friday off. I have been thinking lately that I am long overdue […]

Ripped from the headlines!

Kid Rock pleads not guilty to battery in Waffle House fight I’m not even remotely surprised.

On celebrity mating rituals.

Regarding Ryan Reynolds and his selfish misuse of his masculine splendor, Mary said “Am I the only one mad at RR for dating a 22 y/o? Anyone? Anyone? Oh well, I will sit alone with my age-ism since there’s no men left for me anyway! hmph!” Aside from the fact that Mary, you don’t get […]

I mean, I want to see Transformers, but do I want to pay actual money to see it? And given the alternative to paying money, is it worth it? What, exactly, qualifies as a test drive? Can I sit on it, tool around the parking lot, and then say, “Oh, this was great but suddenly […]