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Nothing to see here.

But I tell you what: It’s finally beginning to feel like summer and I would give my left batwing to find a place to have moules mariniere, pomme frites and Duvel on a patio in this town. My Outdoor Drunken Debauchery Society needs a grand kick-off, and I can’t think of anything better’n that.

Saturn returns.

Call it my year of living dangerously. A few weeks ago, with little fanfare, I turned 29. Officially, it isn’t a milestone, and I rarely assign any deep meaning to particular years as they pass; a year brings what it does. This year, however, feels different, perhaps because I’ve been struggling to find my physical […]

Oof. Four days into the new year and it’s already kicking my ass. I need a time out. I’ve been thinking long and hard about what steps to take next in my life. At the moment, I seem to be in a frustrating holding pattern, circling just over what it should be–job, apartment, school, whatever. […]


New York City is kicking my ass. Last week, I unofficially moved back to the city, set up camp on a relative’s livingroom floor and went back to work in what was supposed to be a long term temp assignment. The mission: Sr. Marketing Coordinator; coordinating the traffic of materials between marketers, lawyers, art department […]

Life to recommence in T-minus 5….

I still don’t have a place. I miss having one. All my things more or less live in the same general area, just waiting for me to use them. Oh god, I miss my things, the assorted bric-a-brac that makes up my life. For instance, as my family gears up for Thanksgiving, I find myself […]