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1. It’s not even 8 am and I have been awake for over 1.5 hours already. Ew. Too early for critical thinking. Which leads to the rather shaky observation that…
2. In the video for “Wait a Minute,” Nicole Scherzinger, the apparent lead Pussycat Doll sings, “Why you be buggin’ like I’m some kinda ho?” just […]

Me, at my local Starchucks, 10:30 this morning:
*Absently sets old, recently drained of Odwalla Superfood, BofA travel mug down on counter to fish in pockets for cash*
Can I have a tall coffee with room for soy?
Starchuckian caffeine-and-cheer-ninja: Sure! Do you want it in that? *points to BofA mug*
Me, still working on ability to form whole […]


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