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But right now, I am drinking a shiraz-pinot blend and farting around online while a beautiful, fabulous TLOML is making curry and quinoa and singing along to Bilal in his kitchen. I am periodically checking my own pulse, yes. Not dead, and definitely not paid up on my heavenly dues.

Back in therapy, as promised.

For some people, therapy is an admission of weakness, an inability to manage your issues on your own. For others, it’s a lifeline when you can’t manage whatever tom fuckery life has painted you with. For me, it feels like personal, emotional homework. I pretty much always need this homework. I’ve gotten to a stage […]

…that you’re torn between shouting it from the rooftops, and keeping mum so as not to jinx yourself? *stupid grin*

A month, really. July tried it’s damnedest to beat me into a submissive pulp. My part-time job (which was in fact almost full-time, though not quite) was insanely busy. I applied and interviewed for other jobs, and then those jobs required complete projects as follow-ups to the interviews and prerequisites to additional interviews. I met […]

I feel some kinda way about love.

It’s a funny thing that, once you’re in, you’re all the way gone, until one day you’re out. But while you’re in you look at the adored, and everything is right. Well, everything except the tiny, back-of-mind fear of the if/when it all goes wrong. “I keep waiting for the bomb to drop, you know? […]