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Protected: On the proving grounds.*

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But. But. If at all possible, consider telling the other person that you a) hooked up with someone last night who b) gave you an incurable STD and really, you’re looking out for their best interest. Am I wrong? Please submit your foolproof dumping suggestions via the comment box.

You think you want excitement.

Then you hit a little speedbump, a hiccup of circumstance, and you can’t wait to get back to humdrum. With the work thing and the occasional dates thing (neither of which is exactly a tickertape parade of activity), frankly, I’m knackered. Work itself isn’t a struggle–that’s great. Alas, the HR hoop-jumping is doing a number […]


Why would you think it was a good idea to have your dating service photo be of you…in a convertible…that was clearly taken at an AUTO SHOW? It just looks like you’re tryina front. *shaking head* Here. This is much better than the rest of the post.