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Nothing to see here.

But I tell you what: It’s finally beginning to feel like summer and I would give my left batwing to find a place to have moules mariniere, pomme frites and Duvel on a patio in this town. My Outdoor Drunken Debauchery Society needs a grand kick-off, and I can’t think of anything better’n that.

What did I do this weekend? Apple picking, and then wine tasting around Harbor Country, Michigan, followed by wine shopping at Vino 100 and din dins in charming New Buffalo, Michigan. What’s today’s DailyCandy Chicago about? The Michigan wine trail, Harbor Country, Vino 100, and charming New Buffalo. Seriously. I mean, the only thing they […]

Five for Friday.

Here’s the deal. To keep me on my perfectly self-pedicured toes, every Friday for the rest of the summer, I’m blogging five goodies. Since I’ve already done the legwork on this one, courtesy of a recent freelanced piece which was too limited to include any of the good stuff I’ve been craving or the bad […]

I should be working, but this is vaguely related to my latest freelance gig. If you don’t already read C+D, start. If only for this guy‘s rendition of T-Pain’s “Buy U a Drank.” Tangential: My Humps (Alanis Morissete version) I hate you, YouTube.

Lest one believe that all my days are spent moping about and dragging myself from apartment viewing to apartment viewing, I should probably point out that I’ve been having some pretty good weekends, lately. Last Friday, I had a late afternoon interview in midtown and then caught up with Stolie and Bro for dinner and […]