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You win, Gaga.

I will buy your albums in their entirety. You fucking win, bitch. Happy?

I’m still in the thick of a NIN haze, so I’ve spent the last few days doing what any obsessive fan would to prolong the experience: I’ve been Googling, YouTubing and Wikiing the hell out of anything vaguely NIN related. As is wont to happen, these little digital excursions have led me halfway around the […]

K’s post today about blogging fatigue hit home for me. While she’s decided it isn’t what she has, I’m realizing-again-that I definitely do have a case of the blog-wearies. As I typed up my comment on her blog, I realized that a lot has changed in the last four years. My overall satisfaction has in […]

Okay, I understand Hollywood writers are only getting a fraction of the profits churned out by the big nasty industry machine, but um, bitches? Y’all don’t need a damned fundraiser. You aren’t living hand-to-mouth in a war-torn nation, your children are not starving, your women are not being raped and then blamed for…well. You don’t […]

I mean, I want to see Transformers, but do I want to pay actual money to see it? And given the alternative to paying money, is it worth it? What, exactly, qualifies as a test drive? Can I sit on it, tool around the parking lot, and then say, “Oh, this was great but suddenly […]