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Back in therapy, as promised.

For some people, therapy is an admission of weakness, an inability to manage your issues on your own. For others, it’s a lifeline when you can’t manage whatever tom fuckery life has painted you with. For me, it feels like personal, emotional homework. I pretty much always need this homework. I’ve gotten to a stage […]

I just learned, via the Internet, that my assclown father has another child, which means I have another sibling. A 10-year-old sibling. Now, this doesn’t surprise me, terribly. There’s a line in Fight Club, when Tyler Durden discusses the fact that every five or six years his father would divorce and start a new family. […]

Happy New Year!

My mother just came tearing into the room pretending to look for something because she saw me bring a bottle of cava up from the cellar to chill for New Year’s Eve toasts, but didn’t see me stick it in the fridge, so she naturally assumed I was holed up in here hitting the sauce. […]