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I’m headed home.

I’ve got a knapsack full of farmers’ market tomatoes, miraculously still warm from the sun even after three hours in my polar-chilled city office, and I cannot wait to get at least two of ’em into my belly. Happy Tuesday.

Nothing to see here.

But I tell you what: It’s finally beginning to feel like summer and I would give my left batwing to find a place to have moules mariniere, pomme frites and Duvel on a patio in this town. My Outdoor Drunken Debauchery Society needs a grand kick-off, and I can’t think of anything better’n that.


Ok, I’ll be wanting someone to go with me to Blackbird immediately. Or actually, some time around April 5. Who’s in?

‘Tis the season.

At some point in the next few days, I’ll compose a long, navel-gazing post about Thanksgiving and the wonderful people I’m lucky to have in my life, I’m sure. This post, however, is about the other parts of the season: getting fat and spending monies! First of all, being the selfless bitch that I am, […]

The Ghetto Gourmet. Why? Seriously. Why? $20 says the founders are not, in fact, from the ghetto. Anyway. There’s an event planned for NYC April 10. Alas, I will be in Florida. Someone should go and report back to me. I would like to know how it is. It isn’t really a new concept in […]