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On Day Two of our little lovers’ escape, it rained. RAINED. We packed ourselves full of diner breakfast treats early and set off to enjoy the cable cars that were terribly crowded the day before. The plan had been to hit all three lines to see what we’d missed hoofing it up and down side […]

Maybe it’s the sun.

I’ve just spent the last 8 hours chortling, chuckling, guffawing and teasing. And working. I’ve been this friggin’ happy at work. Shocking. Maybe it’s just a Friday thing. Or some sort of karmic refund for the previous few years of misery. Maybe it’s just the fact that the sun has been streaming in on all […]

Hiring Squad.

If I’m going to stay in Chicago, I’m going to need a job. Freelancing is peachy and all, but I don’t do enough of it to pay all the bills. Which is why, in a few minutes, I’m about to march myself downtown in the fanciest (only) monkeysuit in my currently meager possession for an […]