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In other news, I am 34.

For the record, I had the most fantastic birthday, brought to me by the letters B and F, who cleverly drew all of my local beloveds into a karaoke spectacular. I had a head cold which dampened my extremely limited talents further, natch, and a metric fuckton of fun. Is this real life? I hope […]

I awoke last Saturday morning, looked over at my sleeping love, grinned stupidly, then fell asleep again with that choice “Elf” quote looping through my brain. Later that morning, awake again, I looked over, and he was still there. More stupid smiling on my part. I’m a superstitious, nervous woman. I’d blog every detail of […]

bitches gotta eat.

I can’t ever read this in the office again and keep my job. Genius. bitches gotta eat.


I just shared a link to this place with the other half of that great thing I alluded to below. Blogging and dating. Smart? Stupid? Scary.

Blogging sucks.

Not really, but after years of openly sharing every little nuance of my life, I really enjoy spaces where I can share in small spurts, in controlled environments. Taking a year off, certainly one in which several competing social networks crossed critical mass points, changed the way I think about this space. I probably won’t […]