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Body and mind.

Late last year, I was trying with what felt like all my might to lose weight. Frozen diet meals, 100 calorie snack packs, five-day-per-week workout plan. I lost some weight, but then I reached a plateau, hovering around 192 or 193, and nothing I did would get me below that point for more than a […]

Healthcare FYI

So yeah, I’m enjoying my annual illness (this early in the year, I’m a bit worried.) Damn you, train coughers and sneezers! KEEP YOUR SICK ASSES AT HOME. At the first sign of collateral involvement (say, I actually get to the cough/sneeze phase) you best believe there will be sick days for me. Digression. Sorry. […]

Long time coming.

Plan B has finally been approved for over the counter sale. Granted, OTC sale is just for women over 18. It is still prescription-only for 17-and-unders. (Hey, some progress is better than none.) Members of the religious right are arguing, contrary to all medical evidence, that Plan-B amounts to abortion, no doubt counting on confusion […]

Ghetto Quest

So I went to a new doctor yesterday to get a long overdue physical (read: 4 years), praying that everything would come out alright. With my new job I have actual honest-to-god health insurance (as opposed to the accident and sickness BS I was forced to pay $800/yr.  for in grad school), but I have been […]