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I just…I can’t… No. Words.

1. One who apparently never buys garbage bags, paper towels, or toilet paper. 2. One who makes food that stinks up house. 3. One who does not tidy up after self. Ex.: *shouting* I ASKED YOU TO FUCKIN’ CLEAN MAN! YOU NEVER BUY GARBAGE BAGS, YOU NEVER BUY PAPER TOWELS, THIS PLACE IS A FUCKIN’ […]


Whoops, counted some things twice. It’s actually only $320.10. Whew! You know, I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t even be sharing this, but oh well. I stole it from Stolie. Play along and make me feel better about my debauchery! 😀 Read over the list of activities below. Give your self a fine for each activity […]


Since I’m in a funky mood, and I have a shitty head cold, and I’m feeling very spacey, I’m really loving this photo pool of fakes. Tilt-Shift Miniature Fakes