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I love the internet. Last night I was kicking around bed ideas (again) and returned to the giant-painted-canvas-as-headboard thing. I popped into Blick yesterday and noticed they had decent sales on pre-stretched canvases, so naturally I began to wonder what direction my hypothetical headboard would take. Triptych or single canvas? (Single.) Bold color, pattern repeat, […]

Is this madness?

As I teeter on the brink of disaster and/or returning to the East Coast in defeat, I find I have a near-overwhelming urge to acquire big, heavy, permanent things, things that say “I will not be moving in two months. I’m here for at least another YEAR.” Among them, this bed by Great Lakes Rustics: […]

My little box is almost completely furnished. In order of importance, I lack only a kitchen island or baker’s rack for additional preparation space, a bed frame, and some sort of housing for adult refreshments. I’ve been considering alternatives to a store-bought headboard or frame for the bed: salvaged mantel, folding screen, extravagantly framed giclee […]

Where is my mind?

I’ll tell you where. It’s firmly engaged with the following: 1. I really, really want a feline companion. That little Scottish Fold in the video below has managed to sink its claws directly into my heart. I’ve watched the vid a few times now, and every single time I have to fight off a “hed […]

More Etsy love.

If I had a spare grand, here’s how I’d spend it: 1. On this figure by loopyboopy. Chuck would be very happy atop a stack of books in my “library.” 2. More Moschell watercolors! This was named Birdie something last time I saw it online, but unframed, it’s less than half what one of his […]