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Chaos and calm.

Cat has suffered a few urinary blockages in the last few months. Vets don’t know exactly what causes some cats to be prone to urinary issues, but for those with sensitive plumbing, apparently anything from a change in the weather to (in our case) stress induced by a day’s frantic cleaning can lead to blockages, […]

I love being a cat person.

Being a cat person means that, even when my cat goes out of his way to upchuck on the one patch of floor covered by my chenille rug, or chews my rental apartment’s blinds to shreds, or destroys my hanging shelves in an attempt to scale them to the overhead storage area, even then, I […]

Siddity and the kitty.

Sid, walking to kitchen, narrowly avoids stepping in pile of cat food nowhere near the cat dish: What the hell? Booger, how did you get this over…oh. You puked. Awwwww, kitty’s first vomit! Did you eat too fast? Cat remains silent and ignores the mess he’s just made in the middle of the floor. Sid: […]

He just leapt onto my kitchen counter for the 40th time tonight, this time managing to send one of my glasses crashing to the floor as a result. I keep telling him that if he keeps this up, he’s paying for whatever he destroys, even if I have to put him out on the streets […]

My cat is trying to kill me.

Over the last few months, I’ve been feeling really run-down. Exhaustion. Perpetual dark circles. Unable to push through the gym more than 2-3 days per week. For a while, I worried I was slipping into depression. Add constant irritability/short temper, and all of the classic symptoms of depression are there. And yet, I really haven’t […]