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Secret Single Behavior.

What happens to it? Do you give it up when you couple up? It’s nearly 2:30 on a Wednesday morning and I am awake, wondering. Less than two weeks ago, I viewed an apartment with TLOML. Five days ago, we signed a lease on said apartment. Today, I’m pensive. Let me start over. I’m sitting […]

Photos. A life.

I’ve always been pretty bad about taking pictures. I feel ridiculous in them. (This post is so close to my truth that I did that snortle-sob thing you do when a dagger-stab of recognition takes you unawares on the train during rush hour.) I used to own a Pentax K-1000, the beginner’s tool back in […]

Back in therapy, as promised.

For some people, therapy is an admission of weakness, an inability to manage your issues on your own. For others, it’s a lifeline when you can’t manage whatever tom fuckery life has painted you with. For me, it feels like personal, emotional homework. I pretty much always need this homework. I’ve gotten to a stage […]

Chicago Pride.

Spent about an hour and change at Pride this afternoon. Not to party, in that I went alone and with little more in my system than a Kind bar and a giant iced coffee. But certainly to celebrate and enjoy the day, at least for a little while. ***** Excerpt from an email I sent […]

Protected: You know what I did there?*

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