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Protected: On the proving grounds.*

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However you say it, 2010 is upon us.

I choose to say “twenty-ten.” It’s short and sweet. I welcomed the year in spectacular (or spectacularly dull) fashion: sprawled comfortably in my own rumpled, cozy bed. I had perhaps more opportunities for partying this New Year’s Eve than in any year prior, and instead I spent most of the evening alone in bed. Now, […]

A toe in the water.

And time glides by. Two months. News. Returns and departures. History. History. None of this has required my comment, because there’s nothing I could say about any of it that hasn’t been said better elsewhere. Instead I’ve been quietly getting by. Worked like a fiend for a while there, half of June and into July. […]

Work. Gigs. Lot of ’em. So much work has cropped up in the next few weeks I’ll have to turn some of it down, because I cannot be in two places at once, and yet this is so sudden and it’s all so piecemeal I’m afraid to turn any of it down because I need […]

Baby needs a new dose of distemper!

The last few weeks have been eventful. I’ve been working a good bit. Lots of odd jobs, some writing. Some longer term part-time work may be on the horizon. It occurs to me, though, that much of this work has found me rather than the other way around, thanks largely to friends and former coworkers […]