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Widening the digital divide?

I came across this article today, read it, and clicked through to the original piece the author wrote. If you don’t feel like reading, in essence, both say this: a San Fran-based company, Rapleaf, has made a booming business of digital stalking. It tracks the online haunts of consumers on behalf of businesses like banks, […]

Dear America,

We need to talk. As you may or may not know, media as we know it is dying. I can’t explain it all to you, but there are few salient facts that I think many of us fail to consider or understand when we’re balking at paying more than $12 for a subscription, or griping […]

I HATE that new Glade woman. You know, the one who the creatives would have us believe tries to deceive her friends and family with the help of Glade products? The one who pretends to be a hardworking SAHM but who really plays tennis and lunches while her kids and husband go about their daily […]