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Widening the digital divide?

I came across this article today, read it, and clicked through to the original piece the author wrote. If you don’t feel like reading, in essence, both say this: a San Fran-based company, Rapleaf, has made a booming business of digital stalking. It tracks the online haunts of consumers on behalf of businesses like banks, […]

Vixen is relaunching some time this year.

At least, that’s what the media job boards are saying. I’ll be interested in what the relaunched issue looks like. Same demo/model as before? Will it have aged along with its audience? Launching in this environment is brave. I hope it sticks this time around.

Look, I’m famous!

In that faceless, nameless statistic sort of way. So here I am. I’m not happy. I worked with a truly wonderful group of people, the kinds of folks who, even when you came into work in a shitty mood, could turn it around in minutes thanks to some well placed wisecracks, family stories, or shocking […]

Dear America,

We need to talk. As you may or may not know, media as we know it is dying. I can’t explain it all to you, but there are few salient facts that I think many of us fail to consider or understand when we’re balking at paying more than $12 for a subscription, or griping […]

So I’m listening to shuffled songs on my iTunes, yes? And “Lights in the Sky” comes on, yes? So why do I assume this a Fiona Apple song before I hear Uncle Trent’s voice? And why do I still think it would be better suited to Fiona? It’s awfully maudlin. Also, LolNIN! The obsession is […]