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Citizenship. Ur doin it rite!

I voted. Up at 06:00, in line by 06:45, home by 07:20. Happy election day! I’m off to work, and then I’ll be home (no rally ticket) and glued to the tube, bottle of cab sauv in hand. Who’s up for live drunk blogging?!?!

A little FYI.

Listen, I’m not a morning person. If we’ve ever had more than ten minutes of conversation, you’ve probably guessed this. I am not a morning person. My body’s natural day runs from about 11 am-2 am. I am not ashamed of this. This is a fact. There is no value attached to this statement, no […]

1. It’s not even 8 am and I have been awake for over 1.5 hours already. Ew. Too early for critical thinking. Which leads to the rather shaky observation that… 2. In the video for “Wait a Minute,” Nicole Scherzinger, the apparent lead Pussycat Doll sings, “Why you be buggin’ like I’m some kinda ho?” […]

Me, at my local Starchucks, 10:30 this morning: *Absently sets old, recently drained of Odwalla Superfood, BofA travel mug down on counter to fish in pockets for cash* Can I have a tall coffee with room for soy? Starchuckian caffeine-and-cheer-ninja: Sure! Do you want it in that? *points to BofA mug* Me, still working on […]