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A toe in the water.

And time glides by. Two months. News. Returns and departures. History. History. None of this has required my comment, because there’s nothing I could say about any of it that hasn’t been said better elsewhere. Instead I’ve been quietly getting by. Worked like a fiend for a while there, half of June and into July. […]

Citizenship. Ur doin it rite!

I voted. Up at 06:00, in line by 06:45, home by 07:20. Happy election day! I’m off to work, and then I’ll be home (no rally ticket) and glued to the tube, bottle of cab sauv in hand. Who’s up for live drunk blogging?!?!

I don’t trust the GOP.

I have a hard time believing that high-ranking members of the Republican party are converting in droves because they’ve suddenly had a change of heart. I hear them saying that Palin is the catalyst. And I don’t doubt for a second that she does (and should) scare the hell out of a lot of smart […]

Vixen vanishing?

So, I’m not surprised by this, but it is a shame to see yet another mag for women of color fold. It will remain online, it seems, and publish occasional issues, but the August/September issue will be the last regular one.

Have you seen her?

Stepha Henry. Have you seen her? Heard of her? You should have. She’s a young, beautiful, intelligent, recent honors graduate of John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and she’s been missing for two weeks. But have you heard of her, or seen her, anywhere on the news? Unless you live in New York (where she […]