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So I was over at Toldja’s blog catching up and I caught this post about that craptastic Renee Zellweger vehicle New in Town. Essentially, New in Town was originally written by a black screenwriter, about a successful black businesswoman who moves to a small town and finds herself the only black person there. But! Things […]

New blog to read, courtesy of controversy at Jezebel. I remember when I was that young and almost as feisty. I don’t agree with a lot of what she says, but I’m glad someone on the ‘tubes is holding it down for snarky brown women everywhere. Maybe you know about this already, but I’ve been […]

Oh, and you homophobes in Florida and Arizona, too. Stop fucking around, assholes. You should never have been allowed to vote to remove a civil right, anyway, but you were, and you did, and you voted wrong. I’d love to take away most heterosexuals’ civil right to marry (because all our gods know how often […]

I’ve spent the afternoon cruising the feminist blogs. This right here made me want to weep with anger. Like my earlier post on male-on-female violence, here’s a man invalidating women’s experiences because he hasn’t seen them with his own eyes or heard them with his own ears, and then arguing with them when they’ve had […]

Remember a while back when Barb Wawa was regularly losing her motherfucking MIND on air? damali ayo has a little something that may have stopped that kind of foolishness cold. I want. Hard. Immediately. I found this shirt while cruising the comments section of this Feministe post (cross-posted at the authors own site) yesterday. Two […]