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Protected: On different sides of a great divide.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

I’ve spent the afternoon cruising the feminist blogs. This right here made me want to weep with anger. Like my earlier post on male-on-female violence, here’s a man invalidating women’s experiences because he hasn’t seen them with his own eyes or heard them with his own ears, and then arguing with them when they’ve had […]

Mouth, meet foot.

Yesterday, I had coffee with an internetular associate. A sort of getting-to-know-you face time, if you will. Fail. The problem, you see, was that we had become internetularly associated by the vaguest of means–participating in the same chat board conversations, urm, twice, and then becoming Myspace friends, and then essentially not having any online conversation […]

A little FYI.

Listen, I’m not a morning person. If we’ve ever had more than ten minutes of conversation, you’ve probably guessed this. I am not a morning person. My body’s natural day runs from about 11 am-2 am. I am not ashamed of this. This is a fact. There is no value attached to this statement, no […]

1. You call AAA Airport One/Transline shuttle service and ask if they travel to your destination from the airport. They put you on hold, then come back and tell you to call Rapid Rover. 2. You call Rapid Rover and ask them if they go, and they tell you to call Tropiano. 3. You call […]