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On Day Two of our little lovers’ escape, it rained. RAINED. We packed ourselves full of diner breakfast treats early and set off to enjoy the cable cars that were terribly crowded the day before. The plan had been to hit all three lines to see what we’d missed hoofing it up and down side […]

A month, really. July tried it’s damnedest to beat me into a submissive pulp. My part-time job (which was in fact almost full-time, though not quite) was insanely busy. I applied and interviewed for other jobs, and then those jobs required complete projects as follow-ups to the interviews and prerequisites to additional interviews. I met […]

I didn’t mean to make this a crazy partying holiday season, honestly. It’s just, Uncle Trent sang his doom song for (possibly) the last time, and I needed to drown my sorrows with comrades. And then last weekend, I had to see Divine M, because I missed her, and missed her birthday, and it seemed […]

The boring bits. Upon my arrival at BFF’s new house last Thursday evening, there was rain. Buckets and buckets. I had dinner with the bride, her parents, and the groom, chatted a bit, played a bit of PS3 with the happy couple, and then was left to my own devices (more PS3, as I was […]

You know, it was supposed to be a quiet evening out with a friend. Of course, given the nature of our dynamic, and our remarkable combined ability to be found by party and bullshit, I should have known better. Lawd. See, what had happened was… *Flashing back to Friday* I had gone out six of […]