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Photos. A life.

I’ve always been pretty bad about taking pictures.
I feel ridiculous in them. (This post is so close to my truth that I did that snortle-sob thing you do when a dagger-stab of recognition takes you unawares on the train during rush hour.) I used to own a Pentax K-1000, the beginner’s tool back in the […]


Here’s the thing about falling in love, being in love, and falling back out again:
Love is a helluva time-waster.
I don’t mean that bitterly. I mean it literally. Being in love with someone, spending most of your otherwise-unoccupied moments together, time just flies. You see each other, you natter on about your days, you bump around […]

They rise against us at last!

“They” being trees.

An email exhange I enjoyed today. Details have been changed to protect the…my job, basically.
From: Sid
Sent: Wednesday, August 20, 2008 3:51 PM
To: Coordinating Personnel
Subject: RE: Charity Auction Voucher
Hi CP,
Big Event is fairly soon, though I don’t know exactly when. The CP at my org sent the vouchers via interoffice mail, and that was fine. Would […]

Horrify a teen in one easy step.

My fifteen-year-old brother has been invited to prom. To senior prom. By a senior.
I’m mortified. I had planned on having at least another, oh six months before having to have The Talk with him I was sure my parents would not have. And now this. Tomorrow. Tux and everything. FIFTEEN, DAMNIT!
So I just emailed […]


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