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This Jason fellow over at BBQ Addicts is my new blog crush, thanks to this one phenomenal recipe. Go on over. I’ll wait. Just be sure to come back quickly. You done? You’ve got a little drool on your shirt there. I wonder if it would be complete sacrilege (and explosive) if I were to […]

Five for Friday.

Here’s the deal. To keep me on my perfectly self-pedicured toes, every Friday for the rest of the summer, I’m blogging five goodies. Since I’ve already done the legwork on this one, courtesy of a recent freelanced piece which was too limited to include any of the good stuff I’ve been craving or the bad […]

Hot: Pub I wrote for last year which hadn’t been responding to my emails called me today to discuss future opportunities! Not: The editor proceeded to compliment me on an article someone else wrote. I’m not even sure she meant to call me. I envision a scenario in which she had two columns on a […]


Mmmmmmmm. Mm. Mmmm. Say it with me, now: zabaglione. (Need a little help? Okay. Zah-ball-yoh-neh.) An egg based, custard-y creme plopped over fresh fruit. Easiest “it-tastes-impossibly-expensive-and-fancy-but-I-swear-I-made-it-myself” dessert ever. And it’s quick and inexpensive to make. I made some just this afternoon, in about 20 minutes. I used the recipe in Cooking School Secrets for Real […]