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Saw that coming.

Took him a while, but he’s finally admitted what I suspected. Booty call! That had been the original plan, but he fucked it all the way up. I’m in a different place now. I had considered it when he popped up again last month, as a sort of sexual bonus round. I could have sex […]

I would like to have happy, sticky, consensual sex more often than once per calendar year. Now, I may be getting my hopes up too high. Not so long ago I was hoping for just once every other year, and failing at that. But goddamnit, if you don’t ask, you definitely won’t receive. Alas, procuring […]

Losing it.

Your virginity. Do you remember? Remember the date, mood, time? Thing is, I recently realized I don’t. I mean, I remember who, and the year, and have a vague recollection of it being some time between late winter and spring but…that’s it. All I got. Which would be fine if it were, like 15 years […]

You know what?

I quit boys. Again. Just for a little while. Sigh. It’s just…and this could just be hormones talking…I want one right now, but I want magic. Somebody who knows when to listen, when to debate, when to humor me (thus listening without agreeing and maintaining his own opinion), and who actually wants to be present […]

TMI Tuesday.

So, yeah, this is a sex post. If you’re squeamish, exit now. If you aren’t, it’s maybe still NSFW. Short version: Real Dolls. Discuss. Long version: So, I’ve encountered quite a few sex toy shops and advertisements in the last month. Some accidentally, some tangentially, some deliberately. For the ladies, our options are pretty limited. […]