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Please, stop wearing fucking Crocs. I don’t care what color they are; they’re boils on the ass of shoemanity. I mean, if Uggs were shoe herpes (and they were, I assure you), Crocs are shoe HPV. Not quite as evil, in general, but certainly unsightly and potentially dangerous. And likely to spread. Just stop it, […]

And in other “didn’t she just get one/doesn’t she have e-friggin’-nuff” news… I got another pair of Pumas. Lookit. They were on sale. Actually, they weren’t on sale, but they were kid-sized so they only cost about 2/3 what they would normally cost. (I think. Maybe that style is always so cheap. As an aside, […]

Big, Bigger, Biggest

‘>Sid has become a bonafied porn photographer, woohoo! Okay, not really, since three BBW photoshoots does not a porn photographer make, but it sounds so much more interesting when I say it that way, and also maybe using the word “porn” a bunch of times will increase traffic to this unloved little corner of the […]

I was going to hit the TJ Maxx or Bed, Bath and Beyond for cheapie pans and what have you, but I headed for the bowels of Tribeca instead. Why pretty up your digs when you can hit sample sales? Discount TJX co. Calphalon is forever, but 80 percent markdown off retail is fleeting. So […]