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but for a while there, TrekStor looked like they may have been eligible for the “Worst Named Product of the Year” award, thanks to their newly launched i.Beat Blaxx. Now it’s just called TrekStor blaxx, apparently. Well, nobody protested when they named another product i.Beat P!nk. Maybe they thought no one would realize “beat” is […]

I love Sephora.

But not this much. Who in god’s name would pay $45 to play monopoly on a board if the only upgrades are property names like (I’m not kidding) Rue de Toilette, Scrub-a-Way, and Curl-de-Sac? WTF? That said, every time I pass a Sephora I have to talk myself out of ducking in to spritz myself […]

Me, at my local Starchucks, 10:30 this morning: *Absently sets old, recently drained of Odwalla Superfood, BofA travel mug down on counter to fish in pockets for cash* Can I have a tall coffee with room for soy? Starchuckian caffeine-and-cheer-ninja: Sure! Do you want it in that? *points to BofA mug* Me, still working on […]

I’ve finally done it. I’ve chosen an end date at the place that pays me. Glory, hallelujah, amen, AND praise Jeebus. That end date is in three weeks. That end date means I will also be, ahem, relocating, to a hopefully cheap and fabulous Harlem or Brooklyn studio but more likely quick and easy insane […]

Lisa Raye is First Lady of Turks and Caicos. Am I late to the game? Yes. Do I give a damn? Nope. I hereby raise a big, frosty tankard of haterale–like haterade, but stronger: 1. Lisa Raye…beautiful, but So. Damn. Country. That isn’t inherently wrong, but I mean, what kind of nation is led by […]