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If CHICAGO were an acronym,

the Cs would stand for “criminal” and “corrupt.” I haven’t been here two years yet, but in that little time, I’ve heard from everyone who has ever lived here or is currently resident that this town is corruption central. Apparently, this corruption comes in local and state govermnet sizes! From what I’m reading (and what […]

Oh, and you homophobes in Florida and Arizona, too. Stop fucking around, assholes. You should never have been allowed to vote to remove a civil right, anyway, but you were, and you did, and you voted wrong. I’d love to take away most heterosexuals’ civil right to marry (because all our gods know how often […]

I don’t trust the GOP.

I have a hard time believing that high-ranking members of the Republican party are converting in droves because they’ve suddenly had a change of heart. I hear them saying that Palin is the catalyst. And I don’t doubt for a second that she does (and should) scare the hell out of a lot of smart […]

Hiatus hiatus.

Note to Sarah Palin: 1. I was gonna do a drinking game and take a shot every time you said “maverick” but it quickly became evident that would actually kill me. Expand your vocab and try to get beyond your Cliff’s Notes talking points. 2. Don’t–DO NOT–step to Joe Biden on foreign policy issues he’s […]