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On Day Two of our little lovers’ escape, it rained. RAINED. We packed ourselves full of diner breakfast treats early and set off to enjoy the cable cars that were terribly crowded the day before. The plan had been to hit all three lines to see what we’d missed hoofing it up and down side […]


Once TLOML realized there would be no Amber Rose in the flesh, we set off, up what felt like all of the hills, to find Chinatown. It seemed like a good place to start: visually stimulating, full of delicious foods. We picked a spot at random and ordered enough of the menu to feed a […]

Love and Haight. Womp.

San Francisco. Home of hills, cable cars, and Rice-a-Roni. Memorable location of the First Vacation with The Love of My Life, hereafter TLOML. Day 1: Rise at 4:30a, panic. Chicago has been experiencing unseasonably warm weather. San Francisco, on the other hand, is allegedly in the throes of the only real rainy patch it’s had […]

Away wi’ ye!

In just over 24 hours, I will be tripping with my Cakes. We’re getting right-the-fuck-out of the city for a few days. Trepidation/glee sandwich, side of adventure, please. Right-the-fuck-out. Yaaaaaaay!

I need to make my fortune in the next 12 months so I can get on the UK property ladder. I mean, the tanking of the Brit economy is horrible. But if it means I can actually maybe afford a Kilburn flat at the ripe old age of 32, then, kids, Sid’s got a series […]