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Is Hollywood going genuinely progressive? Gabrielle Union. John Cho. An actual love relationship. Yes, Hollywood. YES. Incidentally, Hollywood, this does not get a certain group of you off the hook for that other petition that’s been going around. >:-/

More NO: Ted Nugent edition.

Eh, sometimes the internets hack up something so vile, so unconscionable, so horrifically wrong, I have to shut down and take a humanity hiatus. In this category: “One guy, one cup.” *hurls* I’m not linking it. Ever. Sometimes, though, the netuwebs belch out something priceless in a “You should just have given me that money […]

From the “WHO IN THE HOLY ROLLING MOTHERFUCK APPROVED THIS?!?!” files comes a new steaming pile: AbFab: America I don’t know exactly who is responsible for this, but rest assured: I will find you, asshole, and I will tear you a new one. You want the wonder that is AbFab to reach this side of […]

but I love Real Housewives of Atlanta. Sheree is (apparently) a complete twunt, Kim is a hot plastic mess (with a heart of pyhrrite), NeNe is drama on heels, DaShawn or Dayshaun is really sweet…but I don’t giveadamn. I’m a Lisa/Ed fangirl, though. They’re so damned cute! But I don’t watch TV. Ahem.


I’m in a place with teh Cable TV and I MISSED THIS? Fuck me.