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Here’s the thing about falling in love, being in love, and falling back out again: Love is a helluva time-waster. I don’t mean that bitterly. I mean it literally. Being in love with someone, spending most of your otherwise-unoccupied moments together, time just flies. You see each other, you natter on about your days, you […]

Moongina? For real?

This may be why the terrorists hate us, but fuck ’em. This nonsense is funny. How have the makers of Orangina managed for so long to avoid ‘gina jokes?

You win, Gaga.

I will buy your albums in their entirety. You fucking win, bitch. Happy?

However you say it, 2010 is upon us.

I choose to say “twenty-ten.” It’s short and sweet. I welcomed the year in spectacular (or spectacularly dull) fashion: sprawled comfortably in my own rumpled, cozy bed. I had perhaps more opportunities for partying this New Year’s Eve than in any year prior, and instead I spent most of the evening alone in bed. Now, […]

What’s really cooking?

I like this Chef Roblé’s What’s Really Cooking premise. I mean, I don’t love the turntables. I get it, but really, turntables in your kitchen? I think we as a people can in fact learn without the aid of turntables. Otherwise, though, I like what he’s doing here. I could be biased; he reminds me […]