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A month, really. July tried it’s damnedest to beat me into a submissive pulp. My part-time job (which was in fact almost full-time, though not quite) was insanely busy. I applied and interviewed for other jobs, and then those jobs required complete projects as follow-ups to the interviews and prerequisites to additional interviews. I met […]

Ab. Solute. Fuckery.

You have 15 minutes? Watch this: And now, watch this response video: *walking away from the internets* *coming back* I would like to let it be known that I– *giving up, walking away again.*

Chaos and calm.

Cat has suffered a few urinary blockages in the last few months. Vets don’t know exactly what causes some cats to be prone to urinary issues, but for those with sensitive plumbing, apparently anything from a change in the weather to (in our case) stress induced by a day’s frantic cleaning can lead to blockages, […]

This morning, my link-hopping led me to this Slate fiction series by Dahlia Lithwick. Now, being neither married nor with children, and now voluntarily removed (fled) from the NY metro-area world of parenting insanity, I’m not incredibly interested in the content of this story. I am, however, very interested in the writer’s process. She effectively […]