bitches gotta eat.

I can’t ever read this in the office again and keep my job. Genius. bitches gotta eat.


I just shared a link to this place with the other half of that great thing I alluded to below. Blogging and dating. Smart? Stupid? Scary.

…that you’re torn between shouting it from the rooftops, and keeping mum so as not to jinx yourself?

*stupid grin*

A month, really. July tried it’s damnedest to beat me into a submissive pulp. My part-time job (which was in fact almost full-time, though not quite) was insanely busy. I applied and interviewed for other jobs, and then those jobs required complete projects as follow-ups to the interviews and prerequisites to additional interviews. I met a few nice young men. I enjoyed the company of friends. I resumed guitar lessons.

By the end of the month I certainly felt pulped. A few days of renewal* in Saugatuck with the Divine Miss M and Shas helped me pull my shit (mostly) back together.

Then August hit, and within six days I had three job offers and a man.

It took having two other offers on the table, but my long-term, part-time job finally popped the question. It’s the best fit, and at full-time, it offered the most money, which is always a nice perk.

The nice young man probably deserves his own post. We’ll see. But he’s very, very nice.

And right now, I’m very, very happy. Hope y’all are doing well, too.


Blogging sucks.

Not really, but after years of openly sharing every little nuance of my life, I really enjoy spaces where I can share in small spurts, in controlled environments.

Taking a year off, certainly one in which several competing social networks crossed critical mass points, changed the way I think about this space. I probably won’t take it down, but I’m over long-form blogging for a good long while.

That said, I’m really looking forward to posting more recipes here 😉